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Jump Space Charity in partnership with the Stockport Local Fund have launched a new community service. We have a range of equipment and resources available to loan to Stockport residents with disabilities.
We'd like as many people as possible to make use of the sensory equipment. Message Lynne White on Facebook or email for more information on how to become a member.
As an example, on our Jump Space Library Facebook page this week we have posted one of the box contents - a music box

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Please follow the following link to read the latest SEND improvement newspaper.

SEND Improvement Journey Newsletter


‘What to expect if your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan’ on Friday 15th  January 10-12pm via Zoom.


Please see attached for a flyer for a webinar

SEND Events


Parent voice Autumn 1 2019

Parents were able to sit down with the SENCo and the deputy head to discuss their lived experience of SEND at our school. In particular, the areas that are going well in school and at home. There was also an opportunity for parents to discuss ares which we could improve on.

The parent voice from this session showed. 

  •  You wanted more clarity about you child's day.

In response to this we will send home a class time and a small topic summary at the start of each term. This information will also be displayed on each class page. 

  • You were pleased with how school lets you know how your child is doing. "Communication is excellent." 
  • When you raise concerns we have dealt with them properly. However there are some scenarios where this has taken a little time. 
  • You have said that we have high expectations for you children. This often works best when the school and parents have worked together to form a plan for a child. 
  • Your children do well at our school. In some cases this is not as well as we/you would want, however complex SEND needs have played a role. 
  • You recognised that proactive teachers use your child's  interests to help motivate and engage them. 
  • You said where incidence of bulling have occurred, school has dealt with this appropriately. There have been occasion when it has taken a little time for information to be passed on to the relevant staff, but its always dealt with well. 
  •  You said the beginning of the year can be tricky when establishing friendships and meeting expectations of a new year group but your children love it hear because we are a small school
  In response to this we will be looking into our transition work and how we can extend this for our children at risk of raised anxiety. 
  •  You said that your children feel safe at school. However lunch time is a time when children can find things difficult as it is a different set of staff to inside the classroom. 
  •  The majority of the responding parents said they would absolutely recommend our school to others. However some parents felt that a more proactive approach to sharing resource in school and with parents would be appreciated.

A huge thank you to those who took the time to meet with us. Watch this space where will will post the date for the next parent voice meeting. 


If you would be happy to communicate via email, please email me at: 


If you were unable to attend but would like your say, send me an email and I will get back to you with the questions used.  

St Mary's Community Morning 16th September 2019


We had a fantastic turnout of parents who were able to meet local agencies and community groups who were able to offer information and support that extends beyond the school day. 

There were twelve local agencies that came along to meet our parents, to help raise aware of how to access services which previously they had not been aware of. 


Feedback from one of the attending agencies: " As you know, I thought the Community morning was a great idea and it seemed to go really well until the alarm went off! I found it really good to meet some of the other professionals and have time to chat. I also found out about support/charities that I didn't know about like the Pantry, the Heaton community centre and the charity that supports people back into work. The only thing I would change was the start time as I think more parents might access it if they could step straight into the event after dropping their children off."

" Having a range of services there I found helpful and good to make connections."

"I thought it was a really good opportunity to meet some of the parents and to put names to faces of other professionals which always helps with integrated working. "


Did you attend attend our community?  Let us know your thoughts, please email me at: 


Parents voice Summer 1 2019

My first organised event as SENCO.   All of the parents with children on the SEND register were invited into school let me know your thoughts.  

Questions and your responses:
How effective are we at helping your child to be happy and achieve at school? 
My child has a love for learning, he is allowed to develop at his own pace. 
After raising concerns, I worked closely with the teacher to help my child achieve her targets.
 I have a good relationship with staff 
 The teacher uses strategies that help bring out the best in my child e.g. brain breaks  and work given in chunks 
How could be further help support your child to be happy inside and outside of school? 
Lego club 
Computer or maths club 
Behaviour charts
After-school club 
More Forest School 
Avoid additional support sessions conflicting with activities he enjoys 
 Do the SEN support plans help you understand your child’s needs?  Do they reflect your child’s needs and your voice? 
 Talking through the plans at parents evening helps, the assessment information can be confusing. 
 Yes but I would like more information about interventions is my child having. A timetable would be really helpful.
Targets are helpful but I don’t look at them again.
 Yes they show me my child's needs, we do what we can to help our child achieve these goals.
 How could we improve these plans?
There is a long time in between cycles, maybe an interim meeting.  I do feel like I can come and talk any time but the SEN support plans are not always there.
A timetable attached to show support.
 To write on the support is being received.
 How could you be more involved it setting targets? 
 Help parents understand the work children are doing in class.
 More information about progress how are the kids getting on. 
 More parents meetings or information online through emails.
 Joint meetings with parents teachers and my child.
 Send targets home to allow parents to add to these.
 What support, if any might you need to get more involved in target setting? 
 I want to know where is my child up to now? Where should they be? What’s next?
 I need to know what is achievable for my child.
 More information on how I can support at home.
What are your thoughts on the Age Related Expectations target sheets you received at the start of the year?
They are useful it was easy to see the targets for the year.
You can see where your child is up to.
I liked it once it was explained but I am concerned about my son missing information for his actual year group. I’m happy that she has an achievable target that stretches rather than setting her up to fail .
How well do we adapt provision to meet your child’s needs? 
 School do their best, more funding would help.
School uses lots of strategies. Things are tried and changed when they stop working.
How easy is it to discuss your concerns about your child?
Teachers are happy to talk at any time.
Regular updates make it very easy.
How supported do you feel when you raise concerns about your child? 
Concerns are dealt with quickly and professionally.
It’s very easy to talk to teachers they have good support in place for parents .
What additional advice would you like to help feel supported?
Activities for home.
More information about what has been learnt in class so we can support at home.
SENCO more available and possibly an information board.  
Thank you to those who took time out to come and share your thoughts!