St Mary's RC Primary School

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Year 6

Autumn Term Review

Well it has been a very busy term for our Year 6 class with lots of hard work and new responsibilities.



We have enjoyed working on our Geography topic on Global Citizenship which has hopefully helped our children to understand our responsibilities to try and care for our world locally, nationally and globally. We have also looked at how children around our world live in many different ways. This topic has included writing letters to Teresa May about education around our world. I think our class were surprised that over 124 million children around our world don’t have access to education. We learned about how Water is provided around the world and how access to clean water is a problem in many countries. We have had some excellent writing from the children during this topic.

As we are at the end of the topic, our class have decided that we will organise CAFOD FOR CHRISTMAS on Monday 18th December to raise funds for children around the world who don’t have the chance to go to school or those families who don’t have access to clean water.

We are organising a whole school CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY  and CHRISTMAS FILM AFTERNOON. We are involving the whole school and we hope to raise as much money for CAFOD as we can. 



We have enjoyed working on our new RE scheme “Come and See” which has focused on topics linked to Family, Friends, Commitment and Advent.

Year 6 will be leading an Advent Assembly on Friday 15th December at 9.15am. All parents and families are welcome to come and join us and we will be having some refreshments afterwards.

Our class have also baked some Christmas cakes which will be on sale after the assembly. All proceeds going to our CHRISTMAS FOR CAFOD fundraising.



During the Autumn term, Year 6 have been paired up with one or two of our Reception children as buddies. Every Friday afternoon, a group of children go over to the Reception class to work alongside the younger pupils on a variety of activities. They have been helping the children with their phonics, counting, playing with them in the outdoor provision and supporting them in many ways.

All of the staff involved have said how “amazing” the Year 6 pupils have been. They have shown a great deal of maturity and responsibility during this session and this has then continued at other times in school. Some of our children have been helping out at lunchtime by being JUNIOR PLAY LEADERS on the infant playground.

As their class teacher, it has been lovely to see how the Year 6 children have risen to the challenge and taken this responsibility so seriously. They have built special relationships with their buddies and we hope to develop this in many more ways during the Spring and Summer terms.



Year 6 have enjoyed taking part in Recorder lessons with Mr Haslam from the Stockport Music Service. We are now at the point of playing whole pieces together as a class and most of our children are beginning to read Music very well. Keep up the good work with this Year 6.



On Tuesday 14th November, Year 6 were invited to take part in an Athletics competition at Aquinas College. Three other schools took part and overall St Mary’s came second in the event.

Our children were fantastic. They demonstrated a lot of Athletic skill in many ways in running, jumping and throwing events. What was even more impressive was the way the class supported each other and showed a great amount of sportsmanship during the event. They were incredible.

Two of our pupils won Spirit of the Games awards:

Paddy Maughan – for demonstrating great passion during the event

Lexi Baird – for supporting her team so well.


Well done to all who took part!



Our class representatives are:

Simon – Chair

Lexi  -  Vice Chair

Coby  – Treasurer

Linda  – Secretary





As the health and well-being of all our pupils, staff and families is of high importance to us, we are making this a priority in the New Year. We are going to create a health and well-being council which will focus on many aspects of keeping ourselves safe and well. I am hoping that some of our Year 6 pupils will take a lead in this with me. Watch this space!


Thank you to the parents and families of our Year 6 pupils for your continued support. I think our class have won the attendance award more than any other class this term and it is great that you see the importance of children being in school on time every day. Every day counts as we work through this year, giving your child the best education we can as we prepare them for High School next year. THANK YOU.

Thank you also for your support with homework, spellings and reading. Homework will continue in the Spring term.

In the Spring Term, Year 6 will receive their weekly spellings on Monday and homework will be given out on this day too. All homework given will support the work carried out in class and will be reinforcement of learning. Additional homework may be given as appropriate.


It has been a pleasure teaching Year 6 this term and I look forward to the hard work ahead and creating many more memories for them during their final terms at St Mary’s.

Thank you once again for your continued support. We wish you a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.


Mrs Bowden

Mrs Jones

Mrs Monteith