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Leadership Award 2020

Congratulations to Jack and Amelia who were awarded the Leadership Award this year. 

Jack and Amelia have been excellent role models as School Councillors and Amelia has been an active member of the school Eco-Team.

Well done to both pupils.


Sue Small Kindness Award

 Congratulations to Hermione and Daniel on receiving this year's

"Sue Small Kindness Award"


Every year 2 pupils are chosen to receive this award in memory of Mrs Small. 

Two well deserved winners of the 2020 award.


Well done Hermione and Daniel!


(Thank you to Paul Bradley of GB Trophies in Stockport for organising the shields for us)



On Wednesday we celebrated the successes of our wonderful Year 6 pupils as we came together for one final time.


The children have had a very different Year 6 experience but they have nevertheless been amazing in every way.

This group of children have demonstrated all our school values throughout their time at St Mary's and I know they are ready for the move onto High School.


We wish you every success Year 6!

You are all stars!


Stay safe, keep in touch and GOOD LUCK.

Love Mrs Bowden and everyone at St Mary's.



Wednesday 15th July 2020



We invite our Year 6 pupils for a "socially distanced" lunch and get together so that we can wish them well and say goodbye before the end of term.


Please confirm with Mrs Bowden if your child will be attending.

We look forward to seeing the children.




It has been lovely to welcome back to school some of our Year 6 pupils this week. We have had fun in the sunshine, catching up with one another and getting to know the new routines in school. 

It has also been lovely to see some of you who are not in school who have popped in and to receive emails and photos of the things you have been getting up to.

Don't forget to email any photos or if you just want to drop me a line to tell me how you are doing or what you have been getting up to, it would be lovely to hear from you.

I will be in touch with our Year 6 families in a week or so as we are hoping to invite all out Year 6 pupils into school for a get together before the end of term.

We hope we can get everyone together to say a proper goodbye before you move on to your new schools.

I will be in touch to let you know our plans.

We will also be sending home some additional home learning workbooks for those who have not returned to school. 

Our home learning work is on this webpage below but the books will be additional to that.

Take care everyone and I hope to see you soon.

Please keep reading as I have just finished a lovely book and I am recommending it to you.


Mrs Bx


Mrs Bowden recommends.......


I have just read this beautiful book Year 5/6 and I recommend it to you.

It is called, "The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse" by Charlie Mackesy.

The book is full of lovely conversations between the four characters who are friends.

The illustrations are beautiful too and would inspire some of our fantastic artists.

Above all it has lots of lovely thoughts and conversations for us all to think about. 

I would recommend to you all especially those in Year 6 getting ready for the move to high school.

The author says he wrote the book for "everyone, whether you are eight or eighty...."

Here are a couple of my favourite pages from the book but it is filled with the lovely conversations between the Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse.


If you get a chance to read it Year 6, you will love it I am sure.

We will definitely be using this in September Year 5 so I will get to share it with you then.


If you have any book recommendations which you would like to share with the class please email them to me at our class address:


Mrs Bx



Thank you for sharing the adventures of your sunflower seeds with us Devika!!

It looks like you have been busy.

We have been growing sunflowers at home too and are waiting for them to flower!!

Here are the efforts from the Bowdens.....



Home Learning

15th June - 3rd July 2020

 Our next set of Home Learning activities is attached below.

Don't forget Year 5/6, if you have any photos of things you have been getting up to at home or some examples of your work, please send them to me on our class email address:


I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe!

Mrs Bx


Well done Zainab!!

What a lovely poster and message of thanks for our wonderful NHS and Key Workers


8th May 2020

Here is a link to a range of resources which you may want to have a look at for the VE day celebrations tomorrow.

I know this may be different to what had been originally planned but there are some good resources here with information about VE day.


Thanks Amelia!

 Thanks for sending me some examples of your work today Amelia and for your lovely poster thanking our NHS and key workers.


Amelia has also recommended a couple of books she has read.

If you have any good book recommendations please send them to me via our class email and we can share with each other.


Stay safe Year 5/6


Mrs Bxx



Here is the next set of home learning tasks for your child's class.

This will begin next week.

If there are any issues please contact Mrs Bowden on the class email:




Thanks Devika for photos of your Vegan Bounty Bars which you say are better than the original ones. They look delicious!!


I really hope we see you again soon Year 5/6 as we have lots of recipes that we can try out in school as we have seen from Riley and Devika and it would be great if we could have a go at Sam's Greek Vase too before Summer!


Stay safe everyone!

Love Mrs Bowden


Ancient Greece Website Recommendation

Thanks to Sam and his family for recommending the website below for information and activities about Ancient Greece

Thanks Sam!


If you find any good websites send them to our class email and I will share them with the rest of the class.


History 101: Ancient Greece | National Geographic Society
From artistry to politics, ancient Greece left a considerable impression on world history. Learn why Greek and Roman gods share so many similarities, how the alphabet got its name, and how the legacy of ancient Greece has evolved over thousands of years.




Here is a bit of fun for you and your family to have a go at!!


Here are a set of "Ditloids"

A Ditloid is a type of puzzle that requires you to use the letters to find a solution.

e.g. 8 S on an O = 8 sides on an octagon


See if you can answer the ones below and email you answers to me at our class email:


24 H in a D

6 F on a C

60 S in a M

26 L in the A

10 Y in a D

6 S on a H

2 W on a B

366 D in a LY

206 B in the HB

26 M in a M


Have fun!! 

Top tip: they are not all related to Maths

Send your answers to me and I will mark them and email back so you know how you have done!!

See if you can get more than your parents!!



As well as using our Home Learning Packs on our class page you may want to have a look at some of the BBC Bitesize lessons which are suitable for your class.

Please click on the link below which takes you to the page for your class.

Have a look for something which is of interest to you as well as some of the topics we have covered.

There are some very famous people delivering lessons.

Take a look.....


Welcome to our Summer Term Year 5/6

I know this is not how I expected to be communicating with you at the start of the Summer Term but I hope you and your families are all safe and well.

I hope to see you all again soon when it is safe and possible to do so.


Remember if you have any questions about any of the home learning tasks please drop me an email on our class email address and I will get back to you.


Thanks to Sam and his family for sharing some of the fun things they have been getting up to.


It's great to see you making the connections with our Ancient Greek topic Sam and you are keeping yourself busy around the house.



Don't forget Year 5/6!! If you have any photos which you would like to share with our class, email to me at our class address:


Stay safe!


Mrs Bowden




20th April - 8th May 2020

 Here is the next set of Home Learning Activities for the next 3 weeks.

I have included some Maths and English for every day and then there is also some other work linked to the other areas of the curriculum.

If you have any questions about any of the work please contact me on our class email below:


Don't forget to send some pictures of anything you have done so that we can keep in touch with our class.

I hope you and all your families are keeping well.

Love from 

Mrs Bowden





Keep your photos coming Year 5/6.

It is great to see what you are getting up to at home.

Email to our class email address and I will upload them to our page.



Thank you to Rafael and Riley for their lovely crosses; a timely reminder that Easter is approaching.

Thank you also to Devika and Mr Frizzell for the poster thanking all our Key Workers who have been doing such an amazing job over the last few weeks.


If any of you would like to send in any photos of activities you have been getting up to at home, I will upload these onto our class webpage.

It could just be fun activities you and your family have been doing.

It would be nice to have some photos that we can share on here so that we can be in touch. It can just be a picture of you which will cheer us all up!! (the funnier the better!)


If you have read any good books which you can share recommendations with your class, I will upload these.

I am currently reading:

I read "The Explorer" with some of you last year. This is by the same author so I'm giving it a try to see if it would be worth reading to our class.


I have phoned all families this week and spoken to some of you.

I will be in touch again soon.


If you do have any photos please send them to me at the email address below. I look forward to receiving them.


Take care everyone.

Stay safe!


Happy Easter.


Love from Mrs Bowden (Rachel and Joe)



In school this week, we would have been taking the children through the events of Holy Week from today which is Palm Sunday up to the events of the Last Supper and Good Friday.


Here are some resources which you may find useful if you want to talk to your children about this most special week as we approach Easter Sunday.


Holy Week in Two Minutes

This video explains the events of Holy Week quite simply for our children.


Can we remind you of our Home Learning activity linked to this:

Produce a poster or double page spread about the events of Holy Week.

Think about how you can present your work creatively using words and pictures to show the events which happened in the week before Easter Sunday.


Stations of the Cross for Children

 This simple Powerpoint takes the children through the events of Good Friday.


Here is another activity which might be nice to do at this time too:

"Crosses of Hope"

The cross is not seen as the end of the story but a sign of the future and a sign of hope.


Design a cross which is bright and colourful. It may have prayers or words of hope on.



If children do design crosses, please send them to the class emails.

We would love to see pictures of them and we could share them on the school website.


Let us pray:


May we feel the comfort of your love for us.

May we share that love with others

with the same generosity and gentle loving kindness 

that you showed to all.







David Walliams is releasing a free audio story every day for the next 30 days. The link can be seen below:


It is so important to keep reading and listening to stories during this time!


Please find above the home learning pack for Year 5/6.

This has been put together for the next 3 weeks at which point it will then be updated.

Obviously, you will appreciate that we do not know how this situation will progress and so we will keep things updated as best we can.


You will find daily English and Maths activities for your child and then a range of activities from the other subject areas for the 3 week period.

If you have any queries about home learning, please contact Mrs Bowden from Monday to Friday on this email address:


I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any urgent enquiries please contact the school office.


I hope you all stay safe and well during this difficult time for everyone.

Kind regards,

Mrs Bowden







Please find below some websites and work which will support your child should your family be in isolation.

In the event of a school closure, we will update this webpage more regularly with further work which can be completed at home.




This is a website which the children use in school to support their learning.

This is a cross curricular website that enables children to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way.


All pupils have a login which we will send out again this week. If your child is already off school, please contact school if you need your child's login. This site enables pupils to complete activities in a range of subjects through the apps available on their own homepage.


Should our school close for any length of time, teachers will set "2 dos" for the children to complete. Your children will be familiar with how to access and complete tasks in Purple Mash.





This website allows pupils to practise number bonds and general mental maths skills including times tables




 All pupils have a login for Times Tables rockstars and they can login at school or at home. If your child cannot remember their login, please contact your class teacher and they will let you know what this is. 

We are trying to ensure that all our pupils are fluent with the multiplication and division facts in order to increase their speed when calculating and problem solving and this is a fun was which engages our pupils in Maths activities.

Please click on the link below to access the TT Rockstars website.






The file below contains a bank of work which you can access for your children should you be in a self isolation situation at home.

There are a range of activities for your child's year group covering a range of subject areas. Some children may need to access work from another year group. All class pages have work available. Please contact your class teacher if you have any questions.


Should schools be closed for any length of time we would of course update and add work for your children to complete on a weekly basis.


Your child will receive an exercise book on Wednesday 17th March 2020 which can be used to complete this work. Work does not need to be printed off in order to complete it.


If you cannot access the school website please let us know.

Showing 1-1 of 1
Showing 1-1 of 1


Stockport County Visit


Many thanks to the coaches from Stockport County who came out to work with Year 5/6 today. The pupils enjoyed the football session in the sunshine this morning. There were great skills on display and a great demonstration of our school values.

Thank you also to Stockport County player, Szymon Cubik, who also joined the training session and then spoke to the children afterwards about how he had joined the club and what a week at Stockport County is like for him.

At the age of 20, Szymon is playing for the first team and showed how hard work can help you achieve your goals.


Good luck to Szymon and all the County team as they take on Maidenhead this weekend.


More World Book Day pictures

Here are a few more photos from our World Book Day "Paint a potato" event. 

Great efforts to Year 5/6 and the parents who joined us to paint our favourite book characters.


British Science Week 2020

Year 5/6 have enjoyed learning about the discovery of Antarctica by Edward Bransfield.

Watch this space for some of writing next week imagining we are Bransfield on his expedition.


We also carried out a "Guess the Scientist" quiz set by Miss Wilson. Pupils enjoyed researching who the scientists were and why they are famous.



This week we will be marking British Science Week .

We will be joining with the whole school to celebrate,


which is the theme of this years Science week.


Year 5/6 will be exploring a "Journey to Antarctica" through researching explorations carried out a long time ago by explorers such as:

Edward Bransfield and Ernest Shackleton and more recently the British group Expedition Ice Maiden who became the first all-female team to use muscle power alone to ski coast-to-coast across Antarctica.


I am sure the pupils will enjoy learning about the routes the explorers took, the equipment needed for survival and the wildlife they met along the way.






Decorating a potato as a book character.

 We had fun this morning celebrating World Book Day. The pupils painted and decorated their potatoes as some of their favourite book characters.


Here a a couple of photos from the morning. More will follow next week...

Rafael, Riley and Amelia decorated their potatoes as Skellig who is the main character in our class read, Skellig by David Almond.





 Year 6 had a great morning at Crucial Crew working with many different agencies supporting pupils to develop personal safety skills.


Our pupils took part in a range of workshops.

There were representatives from:


Police - dealing with cyber bullying

St John's Ambulance - First Aid and the recovery position

Youth Offending Service - What is Anti-Social behaviour?

School Health Team - Healthy Eating/ Sugar content in foods

Dog's Trust - Dealing with stray dogs and unfamiliar dogs

Transport Police - Safety around trains and train tracks


Our pupils were brilliant and fully participated in all activities. Our pupils received a lot of great messages and information which will be invaluable to them both now and in future years.


Well done Year 6!!



World Book Day

Waterstones Visit

As part of our World Book Day activities this week and next week, Year 5/6 walked down to Waterstones in Stockport to redeem their World Book Day vouchers.

The children enjoyed visiting the bookshop and browsing the shelves finding some of the books they have read and some new books by authors they know.


Each pupil returned with a book from the World Book Day collection.

Thank you Waterstones and happy reading Year 5/6!



Spring 2

As we return to school we will be entering into the season of Lent which begins this week on Ash Wednesday.


In Year 5/6, we are continuing with our topic relating to our local area and investigating our question, "How has the past shaped God's world?"

Keep an eye on our class page for more of the fantastic work Year 5/6 will be producing and lots of pictures of many different learning experiences.



World Book Day is coming up this half term and we will be involved in the whole school visit to a bookshop in Stockport.


Please see the letter from Mrs Bailey sent out at the end of last half term.



This week we will be reading,

"Mirror" by Jeannie Baker


The whole school will be focusing on this book this week which looks at the lives of two boys, one in Australia and one in Morocco.

As the title suggests, the book looks at how the boys may live in two very different parts of the world but their lives mirror each other as they share a lot of the same values and experiences.


Our whole school will also be learning about Islam this week. Each class will learn about a different aspect of the Islamic faith and culture.


Year 5/6 have focused on the "Five Pillars of Islam."

Thank you to Eithar and Zainab who helped Mr Towey to create a display of Islamic artefacts in the shared area in Key Stage 2.

Zainab also visited the other classes in school to read an Arabic translation of our school values prayer which is now on display around school.


Dates for your diaries

Wednesday 4th March 2020

Year 6 CRUCIAL CREW trip.


Crucial Crew is an innovative and interactive way of delivering health and well-being messages to Year 6 children in preparation for their move to secondary school.  The event encourages model behaviour and good citizenship through active participation in a range of health and safety activities. 


Professionals from the combined Emergency Services and local agencies will be on hand to instruct children on matters that will teach community values and could save lives.


We have attended this event for many years and it has always been very informative for the children.


A letter will follow regarding this trip.


Friday 20th March - Sunday 22nd March 2020


We will be sending out the parent information forms for all those children going on the residential and we will hold a meeting to discuss the final arrangements.

A message will go out to parents about this meeting this week.







Stockport County Visit

As part of our Spring term topic,

"How has the past shaped God's world?"  Year 5/6 visited Stockport County to find out about the history of the club, its impact on the local area and community and how it has developed from its beginning in 1883.


We were sent on our way by Harrison from Year 1 who had his Stockport County shirt with him in school today and we know Harrison and his family are big fans of the club. 


We would like to thank Matt and Chris at Stockport County for their time and expert knowledge this morning. 


The pupils were told about Stockport County's earliest beginnings as

"Heaton Norris Rovers" and we found out that the team played on the recreation ground near our school on Love Lane.

We were taken on a tour of the ground both inside and outside and Matt explained how the club has developed and changed over the years.

 We learned of Stockport County's connection to the Hatworks in Victorian times, its connection to Stockport Railway Station and how the club was the hub of the local community for many years.

The pupils were taken to the stands, the dugout, the board room and the changing rooms.

While we were in the changing rooms, we were joined by a very special guest, the manager, Jim Gannon.


He popped in to talk to the children and they were able to talk to Jim about his motto which is on the whiteboard in the home changing room.

Jim wrote this on the whiteboard for the team last year and this has stayed their ever since.


Lottie asked was this the team's precept and Jim explained that he needed all his players to work together to have success. Every team player has an important role to play. This obviously worked as they won the league last year so he has left this up for the players to see.


Jim said he is going to have this printed on the dressing room wall.


We continued on into the club museum and the pupils looked at some older silverware and some old boots, balls and photographs of the ground and its player from its beginnings in 1883 up to the present day.

Please talk to your children about the visit to our local football team.

We look forward to welcoming Matt and Chris into school after half term for some coaching sessions too.

The children had a fantastic time and learned a lot about Stockport County's connection with the wider community of Stockport for more than 100 years.

Thanks again to everyone at the club for the warm welcome and we wish

"The Hatters" success this season.

Here are a few pictures from the visit.

Well done Year 5/6, you were a credit to our school today.





This week's Forest School group had a great time in the sunshine.

The pupils worked together as a team with Mrs Aimson and Mrs Monteith.

Great skills were demonstrated this week as the pupils learned to be safe with the fires they were lighting.

Our school value of RESPONSIBILITY was demonstrated throughout the session.



Well done Year 5/6!!!



 Mrs Bowden and Year 5/6 would like to thank Mrs Wheeler (our vice chair of governors) who came in this morning to talk to us about the changes to St Mary's School over the years.

Mrs Wheeler attended St Mary's school as a child, starting in September 1952 and she has a wealth of knowledge about the school and how it has changed.

The children were able to ask Mrs Wheeler lots of interesting questions.


The children had the opportunity to look at lots of old school photographs and they were even able to read one of Mrs Wheeler's school reports and look at her old exercise books!!


We will be completing some work and looking at the old school log books during the week which gives us lots of information about life at St Mary's since it opened in 1858.




The children have enjoyed their Forest School sessions so far this half term. They are recalling lots of the skills developed last year and learning some new ones too.


Watch this space for some reports on our Forest School sessions later this term.




Children's Mental Health Week


"Find your Brave"

In Year 5/6, we will be exploring what it means to be brave and linking this to our class book, "Wonder" by R.J.Palacio. You may like to watch the film of the book with your children however the children who have already seen the film think, "the book is so much better."

Auggie is a wonderful character who has to overcome many difficulties in his young life but he and his friends model great attitudes toward each other and difficult situations faced in the book.

Through English and PSHE we will be looking at the themes of the book and how this connects with the themes of Children's Mental Health Week.

Please talk to your children about the book and the issues we have discussed in class this week.





Mrs Beaumont and Year 5/6 have worked hard to develop their Art Skills in their sketchbooks this year.

The children chose some examples of the Art work they were most proud of to be showcased below. 

They are now beginning some work inspired by L.S.Lowry.



Watch this space for some more fantastic Art work from Year 5/6 this term.


Riley produced this sketch on her own canvas at home as she was inspired by L.S.Lowry's sketches and paintings of Stockport.

Riley's canvas is on display in class.

Well done Riley!






Investigating Ordnance Survey Maps

Today we were looking at the symbols used on Ordnance Survey Maps.

We had a range of maps to investigate.


A link to the Ordnance Survey Website has been attached below.


This page has lots of fun games which you can try at home.

You can get to know how to use the OS maps and learn some of the geographical language linked to this topic.






 We used a range of components to create some electrical circuits and remind ourselves of the different symbols for each component in the circuit.

Watch this space for further investigations into Electricity this half term!


Can you remember all the symbols for each component of your circuit Year 5/6?



Some parents requested a class timetable so that you know which subjects are being taught each day.

This is our timetable for the Spring Term.

Please understand that sometimes we make changes to our timetable as things arise or if there is a special event at school and subjects gets moved around within the week.

Most of the time we will keep to the timetable below.

Can I draw your attention to PE on Monday and Forest School on Thursday. Please ensure your children have the correct kits in school for those days.

Many thanks,

Mrs Bowden

We have started to build up a display of pictures and information about 

our Spring Term topic.

Reminder... if you have any old photos or maps of Stockport, please send them in to school to support our exploration of the local area through the years.


Year 5/6 trip to Stockport County Football Club

Thursday 13th February 2020

A letter will be given to the children next week so please ask the children about this trip.




Happy new year from Mrs Bowden and Year 5/6!!!

This is the Curriculum Map for the Spring Term in Year 5/6.

This is up on our Curriculum Wall in class so everyone can see the links between our topic and the subjects taught.

We also show the Knowledge and Skills to be covered in every subject this term.

The pupils also added some questions which they would like to investigate. 

 Our curriculum question for this half term is:

"How has the past shaped God's world?"


During this topic, we will be looking at local History in and around the Stockport area.

What will we be learning about?


In History and Geography, we will be learning about how the local area has changed over the years.


We are fortunate to have some old maps of Heaton Norris and the surrounding area for us to examine the changes.

We will be learning to use Ordnance Survey maps to look more closely at the local area.


We also have a collection of old St Mary's School logbooks which date back to 1868. These books kept information about the school Over the years up until the year 2000. The children have already been delving into these books to look at how things used to be at our school and they are intrigued to find out more about the history of our school.


We know that many of you came to St Mary's (both parents and grandparents of our Year 5/6 pupils) so if you have any old photos or information which may add to our study we would be very grateful if we could borrow them!!

Please send these into school in a labelled envelope.


In Art and DT, we will be inspire by the work of L.S.Lowry.


We will be learning about events that happened in Stockport including the Stockport Air Crash in 1967 and we will find out about famous people who came from Stockport.


Our reading and writing will be inspired by our class books this term:




Trips and visits:


Visit to Stockport County Football club, Edgeley Park in February - details to follow


Robinwood Residential Trip - Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd March 2020


There will also be visits to Stockport Art Gallery and Stockport Library later in the Spring Term.

We look forward to exploring and learning about our local area this term.



Year 6 Maths Club continues on Tuesday from 3.15-4.15pm


Reading books need to be in school everyday and we encourage pupils to read at home every evening.

Homework and spellings will be given out every week.




Year 5/6 will be having Forest School sessions on Thursdays this term

Your child will have a forest school session once every 2 weeks and the children will be told when it is their week.

Please ensure that your child brings a suitable change of clothes for this session. Please include a waterproof coat and suitable footwear as the children will go out in all weathers and they enjoy getting muddy!! 

The children are looking forward to the return of FOREST SCHOOL!

Here are a few memories from last year and we look forward to making some more this term.




Mrs Bowden and Year 5/6 would like to wish everyone a very peaceful Christmas and a very happy New Year.



What have we learned this term?

Here are some examples of the double page spreads produced by Year 5/6 this week. They show what they have learned from our topic,

"How should we preserve and protect God's world."

What a great effort to show everything you have learned this term Year 5/6.

Well done!


 With Mrs Monteith's expert help, our broad beans have made it outside into the vegetable patch outside our classroom.

The children helped to weed the vegetable patch first and then everyone planted their broad beans.

Fingers crossed there will be some growth in the Spring.

Well done on nurturing the seeds and plants inside our classroom Year 5/6.

Watch this space for more broad bean news in the new year.



Hilltop Carol Singing


Kindness, Respect, Responsibility

and Joyfulness


Today we went to Hilltop Court and Hall to sing to the residents there.

We sang Christmas carols in both buildings and we loved it and so did the people there.

One of the staff explained to us that some residents had dementia and how it affects peoples lives and how music can help them to concentrate and it can bring back memories from their childhoods.

  Some of the residents enjoyed joining in the Christmas carols too.

We enjoyed visiting Hilltop and giving something back to our local community at this Christmas time.


By Amelia Coughlan



We have been learning about how people trade around the world. We have talked about products which are imported and exported around the world.


We particularly focused on products linked to our Maya topic especially chocolate.


Today we are completing some work about Fair Trade and baking some cakes using fair trade ingredients.

Updating our class blog!
Updating our class blog!

This is the recipe for our class fairtrade cupcakes. We only used fairtrade ingredients because we are learning  about how fairtrade works and how important it is for the farmers in Africa and other parts of the world.

Fairtrade is where the farmers that produce the products get a fair price for a fair days work.

We also had a lovely glass of fairtrade hot chocolate as the Mayans made their special hot chocolate for the elite emperors.

Why not try making our cakes at home over Christmas!

By Talia, Lottie and Edmund.

And finally.....

We shared our cakes with our buddies in Reception while we shared some books together!!






We have some germination Year 5/6!

Broad beans!!!






Year 5/6 pupils have been bringing home Maths homework each week this half term. The Maths work supports our work in class.

Please can you ask you children about their Maths homework which is given out during the week on Wednesday or Thursday and is due on the following Monday.

This week they will have some work to consolidate our classwork related to adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

Pupils will also be bringing home a reminder of their login for Times Tables Rockstars. This allows pupils to reinforce their understanding of multiplication facts and it helps to increase their speed when calculating. Even though pupils may know their tables it is important we try and improve the speed in which pupils recall these facts.



Pupils have been having weekly spelling tests and you will find their weekly spellings in their reading record.

Spellings are given out on Mondays and then tested the following Monday.

Pupils have the opportunity to go over their list during the week but 10 minutes each day would really help pupils improve their spelling.



 Year 5/6 have made great progress with their reading this term. They are showing a love for reading in Reading Lessons and when reading individually with an adult. We have finished our first class read, "Kensuke's Kingdom" by Michael Morpurgo and we are now reading "Wonder" by R.J.Palacio

Pupils have also been issued with a Reading Journal. This allows the pupils to respond to what they have read in a written journal. 

This is a journal which pupils can access independently both at home and at school when they are reading. Pupils can complete journal entries about their own individual reading book, our class reader, a non-fiction books or any other book or magazine they have read.

Inside the front cover there is a list of suggested activities which cover our "Reading VIPERS" which are the range of techniques pupils are asked to use when reading individually or in reading lessons.

V - VOCABULARY (consider how the vocabulary is used in the text or identify unfamiliar words)

I - INFERENCE (reading between the lines/looking for clues in the text)

P - PREDICT (what will happen and why?)

E - EXPLAIN (why?)

R - RETRIEVAL (find information from a text)


Please encourage your children to complete 1 or 2 of the reading journal activities each week.

The reading journals will be collected in on Tuesday each week.

See the range of activities below.

Here is a copy of the sheet which is inside the reading journals. There is a range of activities touching on each VIPER but pupils can be original and creative and design activities of their own inspired by their reading.




by R.J.Palacio




St George's Carol Festival

Wednesday 4th December 2019

If your child is part of our St George's Choir for the carol festival this year, please return your consent form to school.

Pupils must arrive at St George's Church on the A6 in Stockport at 7pm.

The concert will finish at 8.30pm.

This is always a lovely opportunity to come together with other Stockport primary schools to celebrate Advent and the coming season of Christmas.


All our families are very welcome.

We look forward to seeing you there.




Tuesday 3rd December 2019

As part of our whole school visits to Stockport Art Gallery, Year 5/6 will be attending on Tuesday afternoon this week.

Please return the consent forms and if you would like to join us on this visit please let Mrs Bowden know on Monday.

We will post some photographs of the visit later in the week.






Our final writing task inspired by the book, Rain Player by David Wiesniewski was a News Report about the Pok ta Pok match between the hero Pik and the Rain God, Chac.


Well done Year 5/6!!





This week is National Road Safety Week.

Please click on the link below to find out more...



Wednesday 13th November 2019




 As part of our Guided Reading lessons this week, we have been reading some war poetry by Wilfred Owen.

We have so far read, The Sentry and Dulce et Decorum Est.

We have looked at the vocabulary in the poems and how this creates emotions for the reader.

Year 5/6 then used these poems and some images from the trenches in World War 1 to inspire their own poetry writing.

Here are a selection of examples from our work:



How Year 5/6 will PREVENT and RESPOND to bullying.




Through some group work yesterday, we explored the "Change starts with us!" theme.

Pupils discussed how we can prevent bullying but also how we can respond to this if we did ever encounter someone being bullied or we ever felt we were being bullied ourselves.

The pupils were very mature with their discussions and we will be looking at our class pledge later this week which will be how we pledge to prevent bullying in any area of our lives.

Watch this space!





As you are aware we were invited to Alderley Edge High School for Girls today to meet the first British astronaut to spend time on the MIR Space Station.

The children joined lots of other schools at the event and thoroughly enjoyed the stories Helen had to share with them about her life and her time in space.

This was of particular interest to our children as we have been learning about Earth and Space in Science.


Helen is an inspirational woman and we thank Alderley Edge High School for girls for the invitation.


Remember Helen's advice Year 5/6!!







Monday 11th November - Friday 15th November 2019

Next week is National Anti Bullying week.

The theme this year is,

"Change starts with Us!!"


We will examine the issues around bullying including online bullying. 

Watch this space for some of our work next week.



Enjoy reading some of our creative writing!!

Our hook and inspiration was our Maya Myth - Rain Player

Writing in the first person based on our book Rain Player by David Wiesniewski.

An account of Pik's encounter with Chac, the Rain god, and what happened afterwards.


Some great efforts with descriptive language, using metaphors, similes and personification.



Watch out for some more writing later in the term!!




Reading for Pleasure


Here are some more suggestions of books you may like to read Year 5/6. We have some in our class library. Why don’t you try something different for your next book?

Have a look at the reading map. 

Maybe you can choose a different direction to go with your reading!!!


The first map below is based on the London Underground system. There is a key on the right. If you have enjoyed a lot of David Walliams books then jump on the Yellow Line and explore some other authors who write in the same style!!


The others are some more examples of books which you might enjoy and which may inspire your writing too.





Stockport Fire Service Visit


Year 5/6 welcomed members of the Stockport Fire Service into school today. They delivered a presentation about Halloween and Bonfire Safety.


Please talk to your children about the messages which were delivered. They discussed " What to do and not do when Trick or Treating!"

They also gave children a comprehensive discussion about how to enjoy Bonfire Night but how to stay safe at the same time.

We hope all families enjoy both events and hopefully Year 5/6 will be able to share some messages with you and their younger siblings.



There are still places available for our residential trip to Robinwood in March 2020.

Please see Mrs Bowden as soon as possible if you would like your child to take part in the trip. 

See the link below (at the bottom of our webpage) to the Robinwood website which shows you the site and gives you an insight into the activities the children will take part in.


AUTUMN 2 2019

 We look forward to another busy half term. We are continuing our topic "How should we preserve and protect God's world?"

We look forward to learning more about the Maya civilisation in History. In Geography and Science we will be looking at the Rainforest as a habitat and how the animals and plants adapt to living there. We will particularly focus on the rainforest in Guatemala where some Maya groups still live.

We will continue working on Rain Player as our class text but also looking at some good quality non fiction books linked to our topic work.

Watch this space for information about a visit to Stockport library and Stockport Art Gallery this half term.


Please can we remind children and parents about the importance of reading at home from a wide range of texts. Our class library, which is stocked with lots of high quality fiction and non fiction books, offers Year 5/6 a great selection to choose from.  

Please encourage the children to read at home every day to increase and improve fluency and comprehension and to foster a love of reading now and in the future.


St George's Carol Concert

Wednesday 4th December 2019


We will be preparing for this concert throughout the half term and letters will be sent home later in November.


An example of double page spreads about what we learned from our morning with Dr Diane!

Well done Amelia and Keira!! 


The children have had a fantastic morning as we were visited by Dr Diane Davies. Dr Diane is the only Maya archaeologist in the United Kingdom who works in the rainforest in Guatamala every year to discover more about the Maya civilisation..


The children were able to listen to stories of many digs which have been carried out and watched some film clips of work currently taking place in Central America.


Dr Diane allowed our children to look at and hold some of the artefacts from her excavations and the children made Maya calendars.


The children have carried on this work this afternoon as we have looked at Dr Diane's website to find out about her work and other facts about the Marvellous Maya!







Don’t forget that you need to apply for High School places by 31st October 2019. Please see link below for information on how to do this online at the Stockport council website.






Monday 7th October 3.15pm

Year 5/6 classroom

The meeting is for all parents who have children in Year 5 and 6 who are interested in our residential trip to Robinwood.

Please click on the link below to explore the Robinwood Site which is 

Dobroyd Castle in Todmorden:




" Full of grace, we grow and learn together."

Mrs Bowden would like to welcome all our Year 5/6 families to what we know will be a successful and exciting year.

This is an important year particularly for Year 6 but one which will be filled with lots of exciting learning experiences which they will take with them as wonderful memories when they move on to High School next year.

Autumn Term Curriculum

Our curriculum question in the Autumn term is, "How should we preserve and protect God's world?"

Our curriculum map shows how this question is investigated through all the National Curriculum Subjects.

We also make links with our school values of:


We are looking very closely at The Mayan Civilisation in History and this is also closely linked to our English curriculum.

The first book we are using to inspire our writing is a Mayan legend called, "Rain Player" by David Wiesniewski

We are delighted to also welcome Dr Diane Davies on Wednesday 9th October.

Dr Davies is a Mayan archaeologist who has worked on many excavations linked to the Mayans particularly in Central America. She will be working with our class during the morning when she will bring artefacts and her own experiences to share with the children.

This is an image of Dr Davies in Tikal at the Mayan temple. We will be preparing lots of questions which we will ask Dr Davies when she joins us in October.

This is a link to Dr Davies website if you and your children would like to get to know a little bit more about her work before her visit and there are some examples of the exciting work she has done.



PE - this will be on Tuesday and Wednesday - Please ensure that your child has their PE kit in school on those days and appropriate footwear. School PE kit is white T shirt and black shorts.



Your child will have spellings to learn every week. Spellings will be linked to the spelling rule being taught that week but there are also a set of Statutory spellings which Year 5 and and 6 pupils are expected to spell by the end of Year 6.

Please find below the statutory list for Year 5/6. These will be set as spellings to learn at different points in the year but they can be worked on at anytime with your children.



All pupils have been reminded of their login for Times Tables Rockstars. Please contact Mrs Bowden if you did not receive the letter as your child will need their username and password to access this online.

It is crucial that all children have a secure knowledge of times tables and division facts to help with arithmetic and problem solving work. Year 6 pupils will have an Arithmetic test at the end of the year as part of SATS and this does involve being able to calculate quickly so having a secure knowledge of multiplication facts is so important.


Pupils will be given other pieces of homework from time to time and this will be to support and extend work completed in class.



All pupils now have a new reading book and some are on their second book already.

There are opportunities for pupils to read in school but it is important that they read every night at home.

As part of homework, we would like the children to read for at least 20 minutes every day at home. This helps to increase fluency and understanding. We are encouraging Year 5/6 to read some more challenging texts and so regular reading time at home will help pupils to read more and have abetter understanding of the book.

We do have a range of texts on offer in school which includes fiction and non fiction books,  comics, magazines and newspapers (First News for children) so feel free to encourage your children to read a breadth of material at home too.

We want to foster a love of reading and we hope that our children will not only read for pleasure now at school but as they go onto high school  and in the future.

As well as our reading books linked to our Curriculum topics, we have a class reader which an adult reads to the class every day.

Our first class read is, "Kensuke's Kingdom" by Michael Morpurgo.

Michael Morpurgo is among one of many authors we are encouraging Year 5/6 pupils to read.

Please find below the link to to recommended lists for Year 5/6. These lists include challenging, quality texts for Year 5/6.

The list is not exhaustive and your children may also have other authors who they love to read.

These are just here as a guide in case your children visit the library and may want some idea of a good book to read.


Recommended reading list for Year 5/6

Explore Learning Year 6 recommended reads


Mrs Bowden's favourite author of the moment is Katherine Rundell!! We have a selection of her books in class but if your do visit the library then have a look out for her. She is great for girls and boys too.


All our Year 6 pupils have been assigned a buddy in our Reception class. Watch this space for photos of some of their joint activities and fun!!




Date for this year is Friday 20th March to Sunday 22nd March 2020

Details will follow regarding a meeting for parents with information about the trip. 


Monday 11th - 14th May 2020

We will keep our page updated with news and photos so please keep an eye on our class blog during the term.

Mrs Bowden