St Mary's RC Primary School

Full of grace, we grow and learn together

Autumn 2018

Our class trip to see Lauren Child.

Year 3 all had the chance to meet Lauren and have their personal copies of her new book signed. Lauren talked about how she started as a writer and where some of her ideas have come from. Here are pictures of us having our books signed. 



We have also been writing our own free verse poems. We have worked on using similes, repetition, onomatopoeia and alliteration. 

Here are some examples of our work. 


When I play

When I play

I’m a machine learning lots of things.

I’m about to explode because my brain has lots of storage.


When I play

I’m a free person.

It’s so peaceful as if I have a free brain.


When I play

I’m calm and peaceful.

I like playing on my own as a lone wolf.


When I play

I’m like an earth dragon tiptoeing in the woods.

I’m as green as the grass.


When I play

I’m as happy as a person.

I’m like a wolf exploring places


By Oscar


When I play the piano


When I play the piano

I like to concentrate on singing little star

I play for my little sister Charlotte every single day                           

I am in my imaginary world


When I play the piano

I like the music from my piano lessens

 I love playing it

I’m a piano professional


When I play the piano


I feel as free as my pet frog named froggy

I feel like I'm unicorn


When I play the piano

I feel like a purple piano


By Faith 




   When I draw

When I draw

I draw really red rainbows in my head

I   do colourful pictures


When I draw

I    draw dangerous dinosaurs dancing

In  the park


When    I   draw

I do colourful    things  In    my  brain

I .like to  draw  beautiful   butterflies  with  my   friends    at   school .            


When     I   draw

   Like to   draw   happy     pictures   

I am   happy    as   a   clown


 When   I   draw

I  like   drawing    my   favourite friends and favourite family

I like   drawing    cats   and    dazzling     dogs     at      school    with     my    friends


When    I      draw

I     feel     it     is in real life

I  see   a    dog


When  I   draw

I am running  as   fast   as   a    cheater

I    draw   a    big    bear


By Sophia 


When I do gymnastics

When I do gymnastics,

I learn new things,

I have fun!

I like to do gymnastics.


When I do gymnastics

I create dangerous, dancing steps,

I create creative, colourful moves,

I make massive moves.


When I do gymnastics

I feel like a gymnast,

As strong as superman,

I am as elegant as a swan,

I am a good dancer.


When I do gymnastics

 I am a professional,

I am an angel,

I am a dancer

When  I  do gymnastics.


By Ruby 

When I sleep


When I Sleep

I’m like a dreamer.

Like a genie.


When I sleep

I’m a rich person

Like Donald Trump.


When I sleep

I’m a fluffy comfortable pillow

I’m brave like Batman.


By Luca 


When I dream

When I dream

I’m free to run round in my cosy PJ’s,

I am like a tree growing round the world.

I am a lion roaming in the jungle


When I dream

I am face to face with fun,

I am bashing and playing,

I love dreaming,

It is great!


When I dream

It is daring but delightful,

It is heaven,

It is the best place to be,

I always dream when I sleep.


When I dream I am free. 

By Katie