St Mary's RC Primary School

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Year 3

Welcome to the year 3 class page. We have have a busy start to the year, scroll down to find out more.


For our first class trip of the year, Year 3 went to meet the famous children's author Lauren Child. We spent the morning listening to where Lauren gets her inspiration for her books and how she develops her sketches into the characters we know and love. We had the chance to ask our own questions and have our copies of, Hubert Horatio - How to raise your grown-ups, signed in person.


Here our some of our class poems inspired by Halibut Jackson.

When I run


When I run

I have fun

I’m a cheetah in a forest

I’m like Usain Bolt when I run


When I run

I have energy like a lion

I have peace like an empty room

I have strong legs like a tiger


When I run

The wind touches me on the head

The rain taps me on the shoulder

The sea licking the sand when I run past


When I run

I hear my shoe s go tip tap tip tap on the path

The sand goes swish swash on the beach

The waves go splish splash


When I run

I  feel free outside

 by Isabelle 

When  I   Sleep



When I sleep

I’m free to explore.

I’m free  to  jump  into  an  imaginary  world.


When I sleep.

I’m as quiet  as  an owl 

 I learn lots and lots. 


When I sleep

Things look amazing like I’m in a different country.   .

Things look  tight and tiny.


When I sleep no one is there.


By Zachary 


When I play the piano


When I play the piano

I like to concentrate on singing little star

I play for my little sister Charlotte every single day                           

I am in my imaginary world


When I play the piano

I like the music from my piano lessens

 I love playing it

I’m a piano professional


When I play the piano

I feel as free as my pet frog named froggy

I feel like I’m a unicorn


When I play the piano

I feel like a purple piano


By Faith

When I sing

When I sing

I relax and I am calm

I am like a loving child

I like to sing and read at the same time


When I sing

I am a star

my songs are as lovely as a dress

I do quiet dances


When I sing

I love playing and singing with Francine.

When I sing I help people when there stuck

When I sing I help my family


By Grace 


When I sleep

When I sleep

I am as good as Ninja.

I am as brilliant as my big brother.


when I sleep

I am a T-rex roaring.

I am a walking box.

I am a silent box.


When I sleep

I am a squawking parrot.

I am a roaring lion.

I am an aggressive cheater.


When I sleep

by Harvey