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Hey gorgeous children!

It was so lovely to speak to some of you last week.

We are glad you are ok and we are missing you all :(

Here is some activities for you to try over the next 2 weeks!

Send me any examples of your work or just message me to say hello!

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Ascension Thursday

This Thursday is Ascension Day which is 40 days after The Resurrection, when Jesus rose from the dead.


On Ascension Day we remember when Jesus went back up to heaven.


Please watch the film below and then have a go at drawing a picture of Jesus going up to heaven among the clouds.

You could then take a photo of your picture and send it to me at our class email address:

I look forward to seeing your pictures.

I hope you and your families are keeping well. 


Mrs Saunders



As well as using our Home Learning Packs on our class page you may want to have a look at some of the BBC Bitesize lessons which are suitable for your class.

Please click on the link below which takes you to the page for your class.

Have a look for something which is of interest to you as well as some of the topics we have covered.

There are some very famous people delivering lessons.

Take a look.....


Hi everyone,

I hope you had a lovely time at Easter with your families. 

Here is some work to do for the next 3 weeks while we are not at home.

As it is the start of a new term the question we are asking is " How do we use the technology of God's world wisely?"

In Science we are looking at Materials; In History we are looking at changes in living memory, especially with toys and houses; We are also finding out who Tim Berners-Lee is! In Geography we will be comparing Stockport to other places. 

Remember all these topics will be covered over the next term - NOT in the next 3 weeks :)

There will also be 2dos on PurpleMash - thank you to all who have completed some tasks! If you can't log on or are struggling please email me at I love to see and hear  what you are doing at home.

Issac was peeling potatoes and Benjamin was learning the order of the planets in both English and Polish!!!

Fab work boys.


Take care. Miss you all 

Mrs Wilkinson xxx



                                                 Holy Week                                                                  



In school this week, we would have been taking the children through the events of Holy Week from today which is Palm Sunday up to the events of the Last Supper and Good Friday.


Here are some resources which you may find useful if you want to talk to your children about this most special week as we approach Easter Sunday.


Holy Week in Two Minutes

This video explains the events of Holy Week quite simply for our children.


Can we remind you of our Home Learning activity linked to this:

Produce a poster or double page spread about the events of Holy Week.

Think about how you can present your work creatively using words and pictures to show the events which happened in the week before Easter Sunday.


"Crosses of Hope"

The cross is not seen as the end of the story but a sign of the future and a sign of hope.


Design a cross which is bright and colourful. It may have prayers or words of hope on.



If children do design crosses, please send them to the class emails.

We would love to see pictures of them and we could share them on the school website.



Let us pray:


May we feel the comfort of your love for us.

May we share that love with others

with the same generosity and gentle loving kindness 

that you showed to all.





Some great child-friendly news websites that include info on how to spot fake news - ideal for all the news at the moment!


David Walliams is releasing a free audio story every day for the next 30 days. The link can be seen below:


It is so important to keep reading and listening to stories during this time!

Enter text...


Please find above the home learning pack for Year 2.

This has been put together for the next 3 weeks at which point it will then be updated.

Obviously, you will appreciate that we do not know how this situation will progress and so we will keep things updated as best we can.


You will find daily English and Maths activities for your child and then a range of activities from the other subject areas for the 3 week period.

If you have any queries about home learning, please contact Mrs Wilkinson Monday to Friday on this email address: 


I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any urgent enquiries please contact the school office.


I hope you all stay safe and well during this difficult time for everyone. We miss you all!

Kind regards,

Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Saunders and Mrs Friel

This website has lots of free, fun games which pupils can play to support their phonics learning.



This is a website which the children use in school to support their learning.

This is a cross curricular website that enables children to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way.


All pupils have a login which we will send out again this week. If your child is already off school, please contact school if you need your child's login. This site enables pupils to complete activities in a range of subjects through the apps available on their own homepage.


Should our school close for any length of time, teachers will set "2 dos" for the children to complete. Your children will be familiar with how to access and complete tasks in Purple Mash.





This website allows pupils to practise number bonds and general mental maths skills including times tables





 All pupils have a login for Times Tables rockstars and they can login at school or at home. If your child cannot remember their login, please contact your class teacher and they will let you know what this is. 

We are trying to ensure that all our pupils are fluent with the multiplication and division facts in order to increase their speed when calculating and problem solving and this is a fun was which engages our pupils in Maths activities.

Please click on the link below to access the TT Rockstars website.


The file below contains a bank of work which you can access for your children should you be in a self isolation situation at home.

There are a range of activities for your child's year group covering a range of subject areas. Some children may need to access work from another year group. All class pages have work available. Please contact your class teacher if you have any questions.


Should schools be closed for any length of time we would of course update and add work for your children to complete on a weekly basis.


Your child will receive an exercise book on Wednesday 17th March 2020 which can be used to complete this work. Work does not need to be printed off in order to complete it.


If you cannot access the school website please let us know.

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Welcome to Year 2

We are pleased to have settled into Year 2 now - it is always very busy!

Tuesday 1st October

We visited the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, to learn how colour is linked to our emotions. We learnt different techniques to help improve our drawing skills.


Look at our aspiring artists at work!


Resident artist Luke helped us work on our drawing skills.





Year 2 Common Exception Words

Common Exception words are words which don't follow the usual spelling rules. We teach the children these exceptions as lots of them are used often when writing and reading.

Please practice reading and spelling these words with your child as they will help them improve their writing and reading. (We have also included the Year 1 words to revisit.)



Year 2 Spring Curriculum

Our question is "How do we care for the animals in God's world?"


We have been reading Meerkat Mail and making lots of information fact files for our non-fiction study.

Ask your child to tell you an interesting fact!