St Mary's RC Primary School

Full of grace, we grow and learn together


Welcome Assembly

The reception children were invited to their first ever whole school assembly. They were very excited and performed a song for the audience. Mr Towey then welcomed them into the school family and the year 6 pupils helped the children to their seats.



The reception children have been enjoying visits from their year 6 buddies on a Friday afternoon.

Church Visit

To celebrate the churches 150th birthday reception spent some time in the church looking at the stain glass windows and then designed their own. Some of the art work is displayed in the main hall.

Stay and Play

The reception children were very proud of their achievements and wanted to show their parents what they enjoyed doing during their school day. We have held regular stay and play sessions at school.

Fire brigade

EYFS have been learning about People Who Help Us and were lucky enough to have a visit from the local Fire Brigade.

Look out for the next one in the New Year!