St Mary's RC Primary School

Full of grace, we grow and learn together

Autumn 1       2018


We are so pleased that all the children have settled in very well to Nursery. It is lovely to see all the children coming to school with a big happy smile on their faces. They have all made some good friendships and are getting to know the routines and our expectations.


The first half term was very busy with a visit to Stockport library and an autumn walk to the local park. We introduced the children to makaton and they are now able to say “Good morning Mrs Ehegartner" and "Good morning Mrs Quinlan”. We are also learning the alphabet and recognising each letter.


We read many books and sing a range of songs with the children.  During the first half term, we focused on 'Goat goes to Playgroup' and 'Mr Happy'.  The children loved drawing 'Mr Happy' in a variety of ways including on the Interactive Whiteboard, by pencil and in foam. They retold the story of 'Mr Happy' using Tales Toolkit which focuses on the character, setting, problem and solution to the story. We discussed what makes us happy and how we can make others happy.


We have talked about how the season change and looked for signs of autumn. All the children learned and performed the song ‘Autumn leaves are falling down’ and can tell us what colour the leaves turn at this time of year. They all thoroughly enjoyed collecting leaves and any other signs of Autumn during our Autumn walk. We still get children bringing in leaves to show us signs of Autumn. On our return to school, we did some leaf rubbings and we sorted the leaves and made a class pictograph.


We want the children to become independent learners and have set up a rainbow challenge in the classroom. The first half term, the challenges have been to recognise their own name, hang their coat on their peg, help tidy up and line up smartly. Ask your child how well they have done at this.


Autumn 2       2018


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We have had a busy couple of weeks so far. We began our term focusing on the book 'Kipper’s Birthday’. We prepared everything that we would need for a party including writing cards, making wrapping paper, wrapping presents, making cakes etc. On the Friday we had a party for Kipper and the children loved blowing out his candles.


We talked about Bonfire Night and how to keep ourselves safe from fireworks and bonfires. We described what noises they make and what they look like. “Whoosh, crack and bang” said Jaime. We made chalk firework pictures and painted fireworks using forks, lollipop sticks, spoons etc. Outside we splattered the paint onto a huge piece of paper. The children enjoyed this.


In mathematics, we will be counting to 10 forwards and backwards. We will count sets of  objects  and recognise numerals.  As much practice that you can do with this at home will benefit your child. We will be playing with shapes and will be using the language of size.


Little Reminders


As the weather gets colder, please ensure your child is well prepared to be outside with a warm coat, hat  and gloves. Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly named as items such as gloves tend to go missing.


This half term is an 8 week term and the Nursery contribution is £8.00. If you want to pay weekly, then that is fine or you can pay the full amount to us.


We will be starting to write our own names. Pencil hold and control is important so please involve your child with pencil play at home when you can. Remind them to pinch their pencil. The more they use a pencil, the more comfortable they will feel with it.