St Mary's RC Primary School

Full of grace, we grow and learn together

If you have any questions or issues with home learning please contact us via email at:
These suggestions are outlined to help you, help your child continue to grow and become an independent and confident learner. However we do understand that all achievements are worth recognition. It may be that your child learns to do something new or overcomes something particularly challenging. No matter how big or small these triumphs are all important moments in your child’s life and maybe yours too!
These occasions are always worth recognition so do share them on Tapestry or Classdojo so we can celebrate them in school too!

Developing Independence

Encourage your child to complete something independently. Model and talk through it first, then do it with them and finally get them to have a go themselves! This could be something small like tidying up toys to something a little more challenging like getting dressed.

We will send ideas on Classdojo for you to try at home.

Enjoy a Story Book or Nursery Rhyme

Each day look at a picture book or sing a nursery rhyme together. This could be one of their favourites or a new one. Talk about what they see in the illustrations of the book. It can be a great way of developing language and construct a better understanding of the world. Singing rhymes helps children begin to hear the rhythm and rhyme of words for early reading and writing.

In November we will be taking part in National Nursery Rhyme Week so we will be sending home some nursery rhymes to learn. 

The children will also be taking home a library book to share with you. Please encourage your child to sit and listen whilst you read the story then, talk about the book together. 


Reception Class Reading at home


Everyday your child will bring home their reading book and reading record. The expectation is that you hear your child read every day and fill in their reading diary, this allows us to see how your child is getting on. 


Please return your child's reading bag everyday as we hear each child read every week. 


We have aslo started learning phase 2 phonics and will be sharing videos for you to practise together at home. Feel free to share a video or picture of your child practising. 


Reflect on Achievements

Look back on recent achievements shared on Tapestry from their time in EYFS. Ask questions about the context of the picture or video e.g what did you do? who were you with? how did you feel? Use vocabulary to support them e.g independently, proud, confident, fantastic.

Talking about recent experiences can help your child embed those memories to help their learning and help them feel more confident about themselves and their achievements.