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Welcome to Year 5/6 - 2022/23  



Mr Ramsey (teacher), Miss Higgins (teaching assistant)


At St. Mary’s RC Primary School our aim is to provide children with a wide range of stimulating, creative and challenging learning experiences within a secure, caring and inclusive environment, both within the classroom and outdoors.   We provide children opportunities to explore and enquire: developing their understanding of the world around them. 

A key aspect of Year 6 is getting the children ready for high school.  We work closely with parents and other schools to ensure a smooth transition from Year 6 into Year 7 by liaising with each 'catchment' school's, transition officer.


Autumn Term




In our history lessons, we will be looking at the Maya - a race of people, who over 2,300 years ago, built a remarkable civilisation in the jungle of mesmoamerica (Central America).  There world was divided into many city-states, like small kingdoms, each with its own ruler.  The Maya built grand palaces decorated with beautiful carvings and paintings.  Their pyramids rivaled those of the ancient Egyptians.


We will explore their cities, religion, what they ate and their rich culture of mathematics and early writing systems as well as their calendar.  There will be some cross-over with art, in which we will make Mayan masks; the topic also has cross-curricular links with geography, as we will be exploring the region of Central America where they lived.



Click here to download a copy of the history knowledge Organiser for The Maya




In the first halt term of autumn, we will be developing our our writing and grammar stills for a range of different purposes and audiences.  We start off looking at persuasive techniques and end with a persuasive letter, as an outcome.  The main book we use is: 'Suffragette: The Battle for Equality', by David Roberts.  This is a beautifully illustrated book which the children will love to read and understand the difficult issues faced by both women and men in securing the vote and lobbying for equal rights for women in Great Britain.


We will also be reading 'Curiosity: The Sory of a Mars Rover', by Markus Motum.  This is a facinating book which looks at how NASA built a 'car' to enable scientists to explore the difficult surfaces of Mars - this links in brilliantly with our science topic of 'Earth and Space'.  After exploring the book, the children will design and write an explaination of how their own new Mars-rover works.


In the second half of the autumn term, the children will be reading: 'Star of Fear, Star of Hope', by Jo Hoestlandt.  Set in France, during the Nazi occupation of World War II, a gentile child named Helen recalls the mounting persecution of her friend. She wonders why does her best friend, Lydia, have to wear a yellow star? Why are people in hiding and using strange names? What is Lydia afraid of? Touching upon the Holocaust with sensitivity and poignancy, Star of Fear, Star of Hope will help readers understand this difficult event in history.  Children will learn the techniques of a 'flash-back story' and write their own version of this wonderful story from a different character perspective. We also read through the 'Rain Player', by David Wisniewski (as mentioned above) and use it to help the children write an analytical essay about the Maya.




In addition to the above books, the children will also be using two more exciting books in their dialy reading lessons:


When We Were Warriors - Emma Carrol


Set in Summer 1942, Stanly think...every day is the same...Air raids, rationing, the threat of invasion...


That is until his home is bombed and he's evacuated to a remote old house with the mysterious name of Frost Hollow Hall...


Into The Jungel - Katherine Rundell


Into The Jungle is a modern classic in the making, as Katherine Rundell creates charming and compelling origin stories for all Kipling's best-known characters, from Baloo and Shere Khan to Kaa and Bagheera. As Mowgli travels through the Indian jungle, this brilliantly visual tale, which weaves each short story together into a wider whole, will make readers both laugh and cry.






During the autumn term children will be focusing on 4 different topics (click on each to download more information):


1, Place Value

2, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Block

3, Fractions A

4, Fractions B

5, Converting Units



 For our calculation policies, click the links below:

 1, Addition and Subtraction Calculation Policy

 2, Multiplication and Division Calculation Policy


There has recent research undertaken in identifying the factors which aid to help understand mathematics.  The main factors underpinning children having a good understanding of maths is: times tables facts and place value.  In school we are placing a great emphasis on the importance of times tables and as such children should be confident in all times tables and division facts by the time they move into year 5.

In order to help with children's learning of their times tables we have subscribed to Times Tables Rock Stocks - this is an on-line system designed for children to play games, compete with each other and test themselves on their knowledge of times tables and division facts upto 12s.





In Science we will be covering two distinct topics:


Earth and Space

Living Things and Their Habitats




Children will be learning:

  • to describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system
  • describe the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth

  • describe the Sun, Earth and Moon as approximately spherical bodies

  • use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night, and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky.


Click here to download a copy of the knowledge organiser for:  Earth and Space.pdf

Children will learn:

  • how to describe how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics and based on similarities and differences, including micro-organisms, plants and animals.


  • to give reasons for classifying plants and animals based on specific characteristics.





Click here to download a copy of the knowledge organiser for: Living Things and Their Habitats.pdf



Weekly Timetable



Other subjects:

Computing - we will be looking at programming (coding) 

PE - Yoga then tag rugby.

Art - tints, tones and shades 

Design and technology -  moving mechanisms

Music - dynamics, pitch and texture

French - French towns




Homework will comprise of: reading every night (between 20 and 30 minuets, practising spellings (see below for lists) and pracitsing times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars (see above for link).


Spelling Lists: Autumn 1 List Autumn 2 List


Click on the link to view a recommended book list for year 5 & 6 readers: Book List - for 'free readers'.