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Hello everyone! Welcome to our home learning page. During lockdown we will update learning on here everyday, scroll down to find this weeks learning. Please also keep an eye of dojo, Purple Mash and Tapestry for additional challenges. 

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Try to read together everyday! Listening to stories and having a go at telling stories is the key to unlocking reading skills.

Click here for the Oxford Owls for Schools website

   Username:      stmaryseyfs2021

Password:      EYFS2021

Click here for Phonics Play website

Username:    jan21

Password:    home

Please click on 'phases' and play some of the games/activities for both phase 1 and phase 2 phonics. 

Phonics games

Phonics explained

Weekly ZOOM Check - in

Weekly Zoom check -in will be held every WEDNESDAY @ 11.30am

Please join us using the details below.

Meeting ID: 918 6792 2227
Passcode: SM7n5E

Thursday 4th March 


Hi children, this week we are looking at gathering.  Please do these activities.


Session 4

Remember to put only 1 of each item into your box!

Let us know how you have done.


We are looking at sequencing the story. Think about what happens first, then next, after that and finally.

Here are some pictures to help

Wednesday 3rd March

Morning everyone! Not long until we are together again!

We are so excited to see all of you!


Session 5

This activity is measuring ingredients to make play dough. Don't worry if you don't have cream of tartar!

But any measuring would be great - fairy cakes, soup, making lunch ….

Can you find a small box for tomorrow's activity? It suggests a match box but any small box is fine!


Little Red Riding Hood

Today can you act out the story? You could pretend to be Red Riding Hood, or the Big Bad Wolf or the Woodcutter. 

Think about what they say and how they might say it. 


Tuesday 2nd March


Session 3

This session shows a child working with compost but you can use rice, pasta, water, etc


 Little Red Riding Hood-

Today we are looking at speech bubbles -user behavior - Speech Bubbles meaning - User Experience Stack ... -  ClipArt Best | Cartoon speech bubble, Speech bubble, Clip art

What is it that each character says? 

Think about the repeated language.

You could even draw some speech bubbles out and write some of the spoken words inside the bubble!


Here are some more ideas to try:-



Don't Forget! World Book Day on Friday - look out for some surprises!

How you can celebrate a very 2021 World Book Day on Thursday 4 March! |  National Literacy Trust

Yes it's that time of year again!!!

We are celebrating World Book Day this year on Friday 5th March.

We will be having a pyjama day where we come to school in our pjs and share our favourite bedtime stories throughout the day. 

For everyone at home, they can stay in their pj's(!!!) and send us photos of them sharing their favourite stories.

(Of course toast and hot chocolate is compulsory!)

Monday 1st March


We are looking at capacity and the words full and empty

Session 2Session 2



Ramona MS : Little Red Riding Hood story map

Today we are drawing a story map of the Little Red Riding Hood Story.

This is where we retell the story in pictures, simply, focusing on the main points.

Above is an example but the children don't need to write. 

They can write some words or you can write what they say

Friday 26th February


Some practical weighing activities

Listen for the children using the language of weighing - heavier, lighter, balanced.


Reception - This is a revision game of all sounds we have learned - choose phase 3. The last sound learned was 'ai'

Nursery - An I-spy alliteration game with some extra ideas

Lent Calendar

Have a look at this Lent calendar.

Click on each day to read a prayer or have a thought for the day. 

Lent is a time to get our hearts ready for Easter


Hi children.  Mrs Saunders here.  We are learning about Lent.  Can you draw a beautiful picture in a love heart.

Thursday 25th February




A warm-up activity, using the words heavier and lighter!

Some challenges using things in your home!

Can you send in any photos of you weighing things at home?


Reception - Read this book to practice all your phonics! Remember to sound out the letters!

Nursery -Read this book. There are no words so you need to tell the story yourself!

Look at the pictures to help. Think about what the people might be saying


Tuesday 24th February


Can you choose which fairy tale object is heavier or lighter?


Reception - Try this game - you can chose phase 3 set 6/7.

It will get you practising blending all your sounds together. Great practice for reading and writing!


Nursery -  Get your listening ears on!!!

Listening Game


Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome Back

I hope you've all had a nice break.

This half term we will be celebrating World Book Day next Friday 4th March.

We will be learning about shapes and measuring.

We will also learn more sounds in phonics and be working on putting these sounds into words and sentences!

Nursery and Reception will be reading "Little Red Riding Hood" this week.


Little Red Riding Hood - Quantitrader: Algorithmic Swing Trading % 

Click here for the story


Watch Lesson 1

Monday's lesson


Reception - sound 'ai'


Friday 12th February's Learning

Hi Everyone - it's the last day of a very strange half term! 

Well done for joining in with our activities and learning.

Don't forget its Valentine's Day on Sunday.

Show your family how much you love them - here are some ideas!

Image result for chinese new year 2021

Find out how a family celebrate the Chinese New Year


Watch Lesson 5

Friday's Activity



blending for Reception

Alphabet for Nursery



Hello children, its Mrs Saunders here. Can you watch and do the activities about Mary and Joseph.

Thursday 11th February's Learning

Image result for chinese new year 2021

Listen to the story abut the Chinese New Year!

Have a look on mini mash - the pin has changed to Chinese New Year!

There are some activities to do and a 2do set on Purple Mash too!

We'd love to see your work


Alphablocks - see how the letters work together to make 'th' and 'ng'

Rhyming words game


Watch Lesson 4

Thursday's activity

Don't forget to send in your drawing of a superhero!


Tuesday 9th February's Learning

Image result for safer internet day 2021

We are learning how to recognise if something online is true or false.

Watch Detective Digiduck to see how he learns if some facts are true or false


Have you designed your Positivity Superhero yet?

Remember to send us a picture



Watch Day 2

Tuesday's Activity



Today's sound 'ng' (Reception)

Rhyming words song (Nursery)

Week Beginning 8th February

Last week of this half term!

Well done everyone who has joined in with our Zoom calls or sent any work to us.

One last challenge for this week!

We know that it is hard to stay happy and positive all the time. Sometimes we need a little reminder.

So can you design a superhero that will help us?

Positivity is a super power

Read the instructions below. Send us a picture of your superhero so we can add them to a whole school display!



Week beginning 1st February

Children's Mental Health Week - The Blue Coat School

Each day this week we are looking at ways we can express the unique people we are!

In Mini Mash, Click on the feelings pin.

Find the paint projects - can you paint a picture of your beautiful happy face?

Don't forget to save it into your tray

Friday's Learning

Today is Express Yourself Day!

Can you dress in your favourite colours?

Paint a picture on Mini Mash?

Draw things that make you happy?

Make some music on Mini Mash?

Send us all your gorgeous photos!

This story is all about a little girl who was worried about what the other children would think. She learned how to express herself!

A Bad Case of Stripes 



Thursday's Learning


Today's story is about a little girl who thinks she can't draw but she learns to express herself

The Dot

Can you draw something from a squiggle or a dot or anything you can think of?



Today's sound is sh!

Today's lesson is a bit different. It's like a full phonics lesson we would run in school.

You need a pencil and some paper to join in!

Forward to 3:30 to where the lesson begins!

 Reception - Let me know if you enjoy this new format

Alphablocks with 'ch' and 'sh'

Nursery - rhyming words


Watch Session 5

Thursday's Activity


Wednesday's Learning


Listen to the story:

Beautiful Oops

Everyone makes mistakes and that is ok! This is a lovely story about making mistakes. When you join us on zoom please bring a pencil and piece of paper so we can see what squiggles we can transform.

 Image result for beautiful oops



Maths - watch session 4

Wednesday's Maths activity



Tuesday's phonics 'ch' - part 1

Tuesday's phonics 'ch' - part 2


Complete this activity on celebrations in the church.

Tuesday's Learning


Listen to the story:

Lucy's Blue Day

A story about feeling, how do you feel today? Can you tell someone? Maybe you could draw a picture? What would you do if woke up feeling blue?

It is 'ok not to feel ok'! What colour is your hair today? Can you draw a picture - maybe you could use purple mash? 

It's Ok not to feel Ok -P5 read Lucy's Blue Day



Maths - watch session 3

Tuesday's Maths activity - you could use 5 of anything you have lying around the house.



Tuesday's phonics 'ch' - part 1

Tuesday's phonics 'ch' - part 2

Monday's Learning


Listen to the story:

Glad Monster, Sad Monster

A story about feeling, how do you feel today? Can you tell someone? Maybe you could draw a picture?


Monday's Maths activity

Maths - watch session 2


Monday's phonics - part 1

Monday's phonics - part 2

Week beginning 25th January

Friday's Learning

No Pens Day:

Thursday's Learning

Please check tapestry and purple mash for additional activity ideas


Thursday's phonics 'qu' - part 1

Thursday's phonics 'qu' - part 2


Thursday's maths - watch session 1

Thursday's maths activity


Have a go at this winter writing activity...look at the picture and write a sentence or two, you can just write a sentence and send it in, no need to print anything out!

Winter writing

ZOOM CALL WEDNESDAY 27th @ 11.30am

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 918 7834 3489
Passcode: w8gb7B

Wednesday's Learning


Watch the video and follow the lesson, remember to send in your work!

Wednesday's phonics 'zz' - part 1

Wednesday's phonics 'zz' - part 2


 Have a go at the activity once you have watched the video, maybe you could also share with someone in your house?

Wednesday's maths - watch session 5

Wednesday's Maths activity


Can you draw a picture and write about what you saw on your winter walk? 

In the Winter I See Writing Frame (teacher made) 

Tuesday's Learning

We are going to be exploring 'Winter', here is a powerpoint that talks about winter please take a look:

Winter Powerpoint - please watch

Tuesday's phonics 'z' - part 1

Phonics ' z' part 2

Tuesday's Math's - watch session 4

Tuesday's math's activity

Tuesday RE.  We are thinking about celebrations (click here).  Celebrations pictures here.

Monday's Learning

Nursery Phonics - Alliteration

Maths - Subitizing to 5 

Monday's Phonics 'y' part 1

Monday's phonics 'y' part 2

Monday's maths - watch the session 3 video

Maths activity

Week beginning 18.01.2021

Friday's Learning

No screen day today!

Please see the '50 things to do without a screen' on Dojo and have a go at a couple of the them - have fun! 

Thursday's Learning

Zoom call information:

Topic: EYFS Check - in
Time: Jan 21, 2021 11:00 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 929 3150 8786
Passcode: YH2N36

Phonics 'x' - part 1

phonics 'x' - part 2


Now we can all find objects to five and arrange them in many different ways we are going to have a look at counting down from 5. Good luck!

Thursday's Maths video - watch session 1

Maths - Thursday's activity

Maths - 5 current buns song

Wednesday's Learning

Banana Meatball Song - Can you practise this for Thursday?

Phonics 'w' - part 1

Phonics 'w' - part 2

Wednesday Maths - watch session 3

Maths - Wednesday activity

Wednesday's challenge

Tuesday's Learning

Baking today!

Remember to share your pictures - Can you measure and weight yourself?

Fairy Cake recipe step- by - step

Tuesday Maths - watch the video for session 2

Maths Activity Tuesday 19.01.2021

Phonics 'v' - part 1

Phonics 'v' part 2

Monday's Learning

Zoom check-in

Phonics 'j' part 1

Phonics 'j' part 2

Maths - watch the video for session 1

Maths Activity Monday 18.01.2021

English - Write (using your phonics) the story of the three pigs or tell the story to your parent and record it on Tapestry!

See the source image

on getting to the end of your second week of home learning!!

Week beginning 11.01.2021

EYFS challenge grid

Friday's Learning

Phonics revision part 1

Phonics revision part 2

Friday Maths challenge

Thursday's Learning

Phonics review the week - part 1

Phonics - part 2

Speaking and Listening Activity

Video Flappers session on Wednesday 13th Jan 2021

What a turn out! Well done everyone!

Flappers by Zoom

Flappers session on zoom tomorrow at 11.30am

bring some socks (one for each hand!) Can't wait to see you all there!

Mrs Bailey is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 948 3927 1491
Passcode: W5s8m4


Wednesday's Learning

Maths challenge

Reading Wednesday

Wednesday phonics - ck part 1

Wednesday phonics 'ck' - part 2

Tuesday's Learning

Counting to 3 challenge

Reading Tuesday

Phonics recap - Tuesday

Monday's Learning

Maths counting to 10

Monday's phonics - 'e'

Monday's Challenge

Video Check-in on Monday 11th @ 11.30am

Mrs Bailey is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: EYFS check-in
Time: Jan 11, 2021 11:30 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 929 0082 2889
Passcode: D2c830


Week beginning 04.01.2021

Daily Challenges


Thursday's Challenge


Please refer to and complete the work that is in the home learning packs -  they were sent home before Christmas.

While we are in lockdown, please try to complete the following tasks every day:

1. Practise the tricky words song (see youtube clip below)

2. Practise the alphabet and phonics song ( see youtube clip below)

3. Practise counting with Mr Mac (see youtube clip below) 

Please also see ClassDojo for the daily challenge

Thank you

Mrs Bailey & Mrs Wilkinson


PS - Remember to send in some pictures of all your hard work on Tapestry, ClassDojo or by email to


If you have any questions or issues with home learning please contact us via email at:
These suggestions are outlined to help you, help your child continue to grow and become an independent and confident learner. However we do understand that all achievements are worth recognition. It may be that your child learns to do something new or overcomes something particularly challenging. No matter how big or small these triumphs are all important moments in your child’s life and maybe yours too!
These occasions are always worth recognition so do share them on Tapestry or Classdojo so we can celebrate them in school too!

EYFS Challenges
Developing Independence

Encourage your child to complete something independently. Model and talk through it first, then do it with them and finally get them to have a go themselves! This could be something small like tidying up toys to something a little more challenging like getting dressed.

We will send ideas on Classdojo for you to try at home.

Enjoy a Story Book or Nursery Rhyme

Each day look at a picture book or sing a nursery rhyme together. This could be one of their favourites or a new one. Talk about what they see in the illustrations of the book. It can be a great way of developing language and construct a better understanding of the world. Singing rhymes helps children begin to hear the rhythm and rhyme of words for early reading and writing.

In November we will be taking part in National Nursery Rhyme Week so we will be sending home some nursery rhymes to learn. 

The children will also be taking home a library book to share with you. Please encourage your child to sit and listen whilst you read the story then, talk about the book together. 


Reception Class Reading at home


Everyday your child will bring home their reading book and reading record. The expectation is that you hear your child read every day and fill in their reading diary, this allows us to see how your child is getting on. 


Please return your child's reading bag everyday as we hear each child read every week. 


We have aslo started learning phase 2 phonics and will be sharing videos for you to practise together at home. Feel free to share a video or picture of your child practising. 


Reflect on Achievements

Look back on recent achievements shared on Tapestry from their time in EYFS. Ask questions about the context of the picture or video e.g what did you do? who were you with? how did you feel? Use vocabulary to support them e.g independently, proud, confident, fantastic.

Talking about recent experiences can help your child embed those memories to help their learning and help them feel more confident about themselves and their achievements.