St Mary's RC Primary School

Full of grace, we grow and learn together

Our Staff


Headteacher                                                                    Mr P A Towey

Assistant Headteacher                                                    Mrs M Bowden

Assistant Headteacher                                                    Mrs J Martin

(Seconded until 31/8/19)

Key Stage 1 and EYFS lead                                             Mrs A Clayton


Nursery Teacher                                                             Mrs K Ehegartner

Nursery Nurse /Teaching Assistant                                  Mrs N Quinlan


Reception Class Teacher                                                  Mrs N Bailey

Teaching Assistant                                                         Mrs A Shore

Teaching Assistant                                                         Mrs C Pollitt


Year 1 Teacher                                                               Mrs S McGrath

Teaching Assistant                                                         Mrs C Watson


Year 1/2 Teacher                                                            Mrs A Clayton

Teaching Assistant                                                         Mrs J Friel

Teaching Assistant/PPA Teacher                                     Mrs G Saunders 


Year 3 Teacher/SENCO                                                   Miss D Beardsell

Learning Support Assistant                                             Mrs H Beaumont

Teaching Assistant/PPA Teacher                                     Mrs A Greenwood


Year 4/5 Teacher                                                             Miss C Bredbury/Miss J Wilson

Learning Support Assistant                                             Mrs E Jones

Learning Support Assistant                                             Mrs C Monteith



Year 5/6 Teacher                                                            Mrs M Bowden

Teaching Assistant                                                         Mrs R Aimson


Learning Mentor                                                             Mrs M O’Keeffe

School Business Manager                                                Mrs J Rippon


Caretaker                                                                       Mr P Wheeler

Cleaner                                                                          Mrs W Ashton

Breakfast Club Assistant                                                 Miss C Sutton


School Cook                                                                  Mrs C Doyle

School Cook                                                                  Miss A Sutton