St Mary's RC Primary School

Full of grace, we grow and learn together

Year 5



Year 5

Invasion Games


Know the difference between attacking and defending skills

Know and find ways to get the ball towards their opponents' goal

Know how to mark and defend their goals

Look for specific things in a game and explain how well they are being done

Explain why a performance is good

Recognise parts of performance that could be improved, and identify practices that will help


Perform skills with accuracy, confidence and control

Respond consistently in the games they play, choosing and using skills which meet the needs of the situation

Choose positions in their team

Find and use a variety of tactics to keep the ball, e.g. changing speed and direction

Suggest ideas for warming up, explaining their choice

Recognise exercises and activities that help strength, speed and stamina


Year 5



Watch and comment on the quality of the movements


Perform combinations of actions showing clear differences between levels, speeds, directions. Showing good body tension and extension

Repeat a longer sequence with an emphasis on extension, clear body shape within a group, partner/ individual


Year 5

Net/Wall Games


Know why warming –up is important to help them play better

Know what they are successful at and what and what they need to practise more


Play shots on both sides of the body and above their heads in practices

Direct the ball reasonably well towards their opponent’s court or target area

Hit the ball with purpose varying the direction

Explain what they are trying to do and why it is a good idea

Carry out warm-up activities carefully and thoroughly

Try things out and ask for help to perform better



Year 5




Explore improvise and choose appropriate material to create new motifs for a chosen dance styles






Run at a steady pace when running at different speeds

Throw with greater control and accuracy

Perform a range of jumps with power, control. E.g., Use a run up and a take-off





Year 5

Stike/Fielding Games




Use different ways of bowling

Bowl underarm accurately

Bat effectively

Field with increased accuracy

Hit the ball

Plan to outwit the opposition, individually, as a pair or as a team when they are batting, bowling and fielding

Gauge when to run after hitting the ball

Make up their own warm up and explain how it is organised

Recognise their own and other’s strengths



Year 5



Read a variety of maps and plans accurately

Recognise symbols and features


Apply skills and understanding to new challenges and environments